Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Poems, One Game

The Answer is No

Four-year-old Indian boy
leans forward on his bleacher
tucks his legs under the bench
hands outstretched in front
on the back of my seat
he comes in close
the bill of his cap kissing
the bill of mine
asks me if I live in a hotel
then hollers out laughter
and the tiniest bit of spittle
without waiting for an answer
his mom grins
my friends cackle
and the Mariners
let two more runs in.

Why Are You Being Such Assholes? I Just Want to Watch the Game

Before the start of the national anthem
barely after hitting practice
alcohol enforcement escorts
an unwilling and intoxicated man
out of Safeco Field

We pass him on the stairs
three large men with shiny badges
grip the back of his neck
his wrists and shoulders

He insists that he would prefer to stay
squats down freeing a hand
placing it on the stair behind him
forcing the big men to drag

His bloodshot eyes
turn back to the field
as he explains
he just wants to watch the game

As we pass we chuckle
at awkward positioning
like a drunken game
of stair twister
only with annoyed
law enforcement
and the loser,
facing hefty legal fees

The drunk hears our laughter
smiles at us and repeats his intentions
he just wants to watch the game

Well, the Mariners
ended up losing
9 to 1,
hopefully that will serve
as some consolation.

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