Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stellar's Jays and Crows

There was a kerfuffle in the front yard this morning
the stellar’s jays and crows were arguing again

If I understood rightly, and I think I did
the jays were squawking about pink cherry blossoms
and how they smell better than the red ones
the crows were screaming a counter-argument
they refused to budge on their position
though I think they knew they were wrong
but crows are stubborn creatures
who win arguments by attrition
cawing louder and louder
the same points
until the other side

It was clear the jays had lost
an argument or two in this fashion
they were in no mood to lose again
they looked deep into themselves
searched out the most annoying sound they had
blared it with all their tiny hearts
but this just entrenched the crows more
the debate raged

I put my headphones in
turned them up
and started my run.

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