Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Asking

She looked at me
asked if I was American
in the same voice
the special education teacher
at my elementary school
asked me
whether the words on the page
got all jumbled up
when I read.

I returned her stare
held it long
till it got awkward.

but I don’t see
what that has to do
with what we are talking about.

it doesn’t.
I was just asking.

It didn’t.
But she was doing
more than
just asking.


graham said...

I know the feeling.

C7 said...

Ahaha... assholes. The joke's on any foreigner who's willing to generalize about 310m people.


Bryn said...

Yeah, C7-beldso! Preach it! Just because I say "aboot" and "washroom" doesn't mean I like hockey and maple syrup! Wait... I do like hockey and maple syrup. Is there any chance you like football and apple pie? hmm... perhaps generalizations and stereotypes are there for a reason... reason being they're often true. Food (tasty, tasty food) for thought.