Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creative Laziness

or How to Survive Being Thrown into a Lions Den

Every time I hear critics
yammer on about the problems
with the film industry today
they list the lack of originality
at or near the top of the list
pointing to a remarkable proliferation
of remakes and sequels
these being the results of
creative laziness
on the part of film-makers

But these remakes and sequels
are not a new phenomenon

After the success of the original
new versions of the Acts of the Apostles
(which was itself a kind of a sequel)
were written
and this was way back
in the first and second centuries

One remake included a story
of Paul being thrown into a den of lions
but (being a quick thinker)
he baptized one of the beasts
and ended up having a long
and thoughtful conversation
with the big cat

This story doesn’t strike me
as being the result of
creative laziness.

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