Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Angels

Wet snow plops down outside
on bushes and shrubs, as I choose
which words to send up to the Lord.

I wonder if he has a system
for filing my prayers, or if
he just relies on omniscience,

leaving my prayers in piles
till they cover heaven’s front yard
and excited angels run-out
with sleds, toques, and mittens

while the Holy Ghost and Christ watch,
humming to themselves by the window
waiting for the water to boil
to make tea and hot chocolate.

Down here, the coffee gurgles as
I scribble prayers in my journal
and snow accumulates outside.

Cheesy Love Sonnet

When she laughs loud her face becomes a cartoon:
eyes shift to slits, smile stretches ear to ear.
she makes my knees wobbly, like too much beer,
the toon-ish change spreads quick to me, and soon
my jaw drops to the ground, I start to swoon;
my heart bounces whenever she is near.
I try to hide these feelings out of fear
she would see me as a creepy-weird goon.

But those feelings are too easily seen,
when she’s around my secret becomes plain;
I wear a perfect poker face in vain—
but it’s a familiar and cliché scene,
I’m like Pepe Le Pew when she walks by:
my feet float, and pink hearts drift to the sky.

Abraham and Isaac

Abraham believed God,
was credited as righteous;
Isaac was unconvinced.

A slow, quiet ascent
stiff with anxiety; still
Abraham believed God.

If God could provide the lamb,
why make them take the trip?
Isaac was unconvinced.

Reminding himself
the Lord was gracious,
Abraham believed God.

Queer words tested faith,
still there was the promise.
Isaac was unconvinced.

Despite harsh pedagogy,
God blessed Abraham and
Abraham believed God;
Isaac was unconvinced.