Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Couch-Surfer's Prayer

Folgers and baloney sandwiches,
an air mattress in a crawl-space,
friends with futons;

cold pizza and cheap sleeping-bags,
stable and manger blessings: enough.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Today We Go Fishing!

Hello God and good morning!
Today we are going fishing.
This is a special day you’ve made

from the first uninteresting nothing
(I’m glad you were not satisfied with that).

What a wonderful idea, stuff:
purple, suns, comets and swirly things
and infinite room.

First from nothing, then from dust,
with a smirk and a push the whole mess
sent spinning in and out
of place (another good idea,
things being here not there,
and the whole game of choosing).

Gravity and neighbors
pushing and pulling
colliding and creating
new bits and flavors.

The whole soup swirling
days unmeasured right
till this one, a special day—
a fishing day, and the only one
happening now.

Today the salmon come back home,
after years away. You brought them
back to the icy green waters,
the same chortling stream you raised them in.

It’s sheer loveliness, from the first to now.
Space-dust to salmon to me and coffee
writing to you on a special day.

Today we go fishing.
Today is the day you have made,

I am glad to be in it.