Friday, April 22, 2011

Nowhere To Go But Down

There is no where to go but down

Your manager doesn’t change the radio station ever
you’re working doubles all this week to pay for a car you don’t like
that finds new ways of breaking in unfortunate situations
more often than not involving nice smelling girls in the passenger seat
and the DJ just announced the station is paying tribute to Styx all this week—
that stinking feeling—make friends with it
you’re going to be spending a lot of time together

Once you start rolling
momentum and gravity
will take care of the details

All your socks have holes and multiple tea-colored stains
and you didn’t know you were going to see her
and you didn’t know you’d end up going over to her friends house
and you didn’t know her friend had a strict no-shoes-inside policy
and she’s everything you ever wanted
and a few things you never thought to want but now do
and she was just slightly interested
but then you took your shoes off

There are ditches
on either side
form fitting
and looking for you

Five times a day you start to pray
but don’t ever get past ‘Dear Lord, please’
before a pair of eyes (the color isn’t important) barge in
your thoughts scatter
a vague-familiar-reliable-trustworthy
sense of impending doom
shakes the supplication from your lips
leaving you with a cringe

At the bottom
it’s not so bad
they have domestic beer
and cable
and its easy to forget
reasons to go anywhere.

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