Monday, April 25, 2011

Searching for Hallelujah

[Sometimes I feel it's important to prioritize praise over artistic prowess, this is I feel is an example, Happy Easter!]

"Made like him, like him we rise, Alleluia!"

I thought it was in the closet
hung up somewhere in the back
but it’s not where I left it
the clutter underneath
(mostly unused camping equipment:
tents snowshoes, boots)
yielded no clues
I rummaged through
the miscellaneous evidence of
thwarted outdoorsy ambition
uncovered a long-lost drivers
cap red-black check type
of loud-impulse-buy
one expects to lose
but this was not
the sought after object

I couldn’t remember moving it
it should be where I left it
on a hanger in the back of my closet
next I turned to my room
which was already in disarray
I tore it up broke, the fallow ground
no corner left untouched
plastic storage bins poured out
drawers emptied
the whole process repeated twice
and started a third time
I needed to find it
my nice tie, dress shirt,
shiny shoes and new dockers
were all laid out and waiting
the service was starting in 45 minutes
and I was getting picked up
by a friend in 15 minutes
and I didn’t want to be
the only one at church without one
I haven’t used it in over a month
it’s become like a freshly-bought
long-considered gadget in my head
all I want to do I locate it
so I can play with it again.

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