Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Wish Vancouver Had More Thunderstorms

or A Sleepless Night's Consolation

The heavens are telling the glory of God
and the skies proclaim his handiwork
Psalm 19:1

it would be nice to have that kind of energy
if not gossiping about the LORD’s affairs
at least, I would hope, I could clean my room

but a new mouse moved into the wall
next to my bed, two feet from my pillow
I could tell he was new by his breathing
his chewing was less frantic than last one

it was 2:45 in morning
when I took a second helping
of the store-brand NyQuil
green licorice flavor
went down slow

the sky was thundering last night
rain funneled down broken gutters
hitting the sidewalk
in uneven bursts

between the sky crashes
and over the smack
of roof-run-off
against the concrete
I could hear
the steady rhythm of raindrops
effortlessly playing their song
on rhododendron leaves.

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