Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Smoked German Sausage
an inch and a half in diameter
this sucker is thick
just off the grill
still hissing

NCAA tournament on TV
Elite Eight
the cliche fits--
David vs Goliath.

and each bite is smothered with grilled onions
and the game is back-and-forth deep threes quick drives pumping fists
and the bun is covered in cream cheese and spicy brown mustard
and it's four o'clock
and I still haven't gotten dressed
and the house is empty
and I can barely get my mouth around this sausage
and Davidson is beating Kansas
and Kanas is beating Davidson
and David picks up another stone
and it finds it's mark
and Kansas is reeling
and it's Sunday afternoon
and I don't have to work tomorrow
and everything is just


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