Monday, March 17, 2008

Saint Thomas

So here is a brand new one. Inspired by a Bruce Beasely poem. This probably isn't finished, but I think it is close. I've been tripping around this poem ever since I started writing, it feels good to have written it. (oh and don't forget to post prompts if you have them). I promise my next post will be a lighter subject.

Thomas was not going to be taken in
not after what had happened
not after every one of his hopes
had gone up in smoke
in a single day

When his friends told him
he said unless I see
the imprint of nails in his hands,
put my finger in the holes in hands
and put my hand in his side
I will not believe

We doubters understand
what is to look at faith
with envy

We cling to stories
play them in our head
until their our own

The women who fought the crowd
just to touch the hem of His garment
because she believed

The centurion who told Jesus
just say the word
and my servant will be healed

We doubters have written one story
on the inside of our eyelids

A man came to Jesus
asked him to heal his son
Jesus said
all things are possible
to him who believes

the man replied
Lord, I believe
help my unbelief

We doubters have been repeating those words
two millenia and counting
chewed them up like tums
to calm our stomachs
repeated them until they become a mantra
until our voices are hoarse
until the unbelief is helped

Thomas knew
the cure for his unbelief

When Christ came to him
Thomas must have felt his stomach churning
as the color sank from his face
seeped down to his feet

His knees had to be shaking
eyes had tearing up

He could not have known what to do--
Christ guided him, took his hand
Reach here with your finger
and see my hands,
reach here with your hand
and put it into my side
and believe

In church the faithful sing songs
imagining what they will do
when they get to heaven
running, dancing and singing

When I meet Him
face to face
my knees will shake
my eyes will tear
and my stomach will churn
as He takes my hand and says

Reach here with your finger
and see my hands,
reach here with your hand
and put it into my side
and believe

I imagine the line
will be long.


dave said...

This is awesome Jake!
I like the last stanza a lot. You really hit the nail on the head. Well done.

Anonymous said...

yes. so amazing.

Anonymous said...

Jake, I assume you have workshopped with Bruce, but if you do not know Bruce, I would be happy to be your contact.
You may email me at facebook. Gabrielle Conatore