Sunday, March 9, 2008


So I'm really lousy at writing prompts and writing poems from prompts. This is something I would like to improve upon. I changed my blog so anyone can leave comments. I am well aware not many people read this, but of the ones who do I think it would be cool to involve them more. So if you have any good prompt ideas you should leave them as comments on this post. In about two weeks I'll chose 4 (assuming that there are 4 to chose from), post those prompts as a post and then anyone who wants to can post their poems written from that prompt. I will of course be participating as well.

Possibly, we could all vote on which poem we like most and the can receive the coveted Mooty award.


Anonymous said...

hmm... you can always add a RSS button on the right column so more people can subscribe to this

graham said...


here's a prompt. Include but do not limit yourself to the following subject matter:
trees without leaves, footprints, shock therapy.


dave said...

i don't know much about prompts either, jake. but here's a fun idea for a poem (as long as it's a poem of fairly decent length): begin and end your poem with the same line, changing only one significant word significantly.