Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Past Due

I am 12 months pregnant
with the things I've wanted to tell you
my belly is swollen
my face glows when I'm around you
I pull a Moses
bag over my head
to hide the conspicuous luminescence
the bag keeps the lies secret

Like that time when I first met you
I said I like your shoes
what wanted to tell you
was that you were so beautiful
I could puke

Or that time I said
the stars reminded me of your eyes
what I wanted to say
was that your eyes reminded me
of the Light of Elendil
which Frodo used to fight of Shelob
on the steps of Cirith Ungol
in his quest to destroy the ring of power

One time I even wanted make an analogy
about your earrings
that involved Geoducks,
and Monsters destroying city skylines at sunset

I may be a coward
but there are reasons for me not speaking my mind
regardless of my reasons
I know that a day is coming
when my water will break
and a tidal wave of awkwardness
will sweep you far from me
into the arms of someone
whose compliments and sweeter, kinder and most importantly
don't reference fantasy novels

When that does happen
I want you to know:
if you were covered pastrami
in a bizarre sandwich shop accident
then were attacked by a hive giant honeybees
until your body swelled up to 150 % it's normal size
and you had a case of pink-eye

You're smile would still leave me


Elissa said...

So, when are you going to slam this in Seattle? Because it would garner HIGH points.

Anonymous said...

Shannon and I just went to Hugo House, and they are doing a New Works competition. I believe you should enter this poem. It rocks and I totally know the feeling! Thank you, Jake, and you need to know that your father has huge love and respect for you!
~another poet.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Ent Moot is a great blog name!