Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hungry Ducks

the man on the park bench
had been sitting there
picking some sort of meat
out of his teeth for 15 minutes

he'd pick and pick and pick
until he got a real nice chunk
give it a good inspection
then throw it back in the grinder

normally people of his generation
come to parks to feed ducks
and make awkward conversation

not him
he came to examine
and finish his dinner

Maybe he wanted to die in the park
and that was why he came here
to sit and wait for death

It had to be on his mind
his hand was shaking as he picked out the meat
death was in those shakes

15 minutes turned into an hour
and the ducks went unfed
and the young women pushing strollers
went by without even having to acknowledge the old man
who was still there
shakily picking meat out of his teeth.

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