Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hour at the Tin Hat

[Happy Valentines Day everyone. I hope all the disgustingly happy couples our there stay far far away from the rest of us decent folk on this gloriously rainy and gray day in the Northwest.]

I’m paying three dollars for something red and hoppy
in a country you wouldn’t know me in
listening to Dinosaur Jr over the jukebox
while the regulars next to me
imagine ways of reassembling pigs in sandwich form.

I doubt you’ve ever heard of Dinosaur Jr
and I know you don’t drink beer
and you’d probably roll your eyes
at the thought of putting bacon on pulled-pork.

Still, I think you’d enjoy it here--
but I'm two beers in on an empty stomach
and beginning to feel romantic
so I'm not too sure about my judgement on these matters.

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