Thursday, February 3, 2011

At Least the Huskies Were Good Then

It was nacho day at school
the cafeteria smelled like artificial cheese
I was nine-years-old
in black sweat-pants
and a Washington Huskies t-shirt
eating a peanut-butter and banana sandwich
alone at the end of a lunch-room table

The girls closest to me
giggled and played “the apple game”
the rules were simple:
hold on to the stem
twist the apple until the stem breaks
while singing the alphabet
whatever letter the stem breaks on
is the first initial of your future spouse

They were at E when I noticed their game
E F G, H I J
the stem broke
and the girl holding the apple looked at her friends
as they looked at me and screeched
to which she replied
“EWW! Gross.”

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that game is still played in the atrium at Regent College.

; )

(Also the word verification I have to type to publish this comment is "fluffl." Awesome.)