Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Two: Coeur d'Alene to Glacier National Park (3 poems)

Continental Breakfast

I was told to talk to strangers and did.
They were from Michigan and one of them
went to a college I knew people at
the other was his dad and was a missionary
in a country I knew existed.

Both strangers liked the biscuits-and-gravy,
which was surprising to see in a Comfort Inn.
I enjoyed my hardboiled eggs and didn’t mind
that one of the strangers had pink-eye and a wedding band.


The rolling hills
of Somewhere-in-Montana
were deep green
with patches of lavender,
yellow, and sage blue.

We traveled below speed-limits
and a cloudless sky.
My mom asked:
“What do you think
heaven will look like?”

We pulled over
at the first gas station we could
to see if we could find a map.

Inside a man
with red-leather cheeks
spoke with a pony-tailed
Metallica shirt about store business:
“Used to be six packs of Budweiser
were our number-one seller—but
now I’d say it’s the four-pack
of Natural Ice tallboys.”

Back on the road
I notice the silhouette
of a big horn sheep
on a rocky outcrop.

“Well, I imagine
it will be a lot like here
except different.”

The Geology of Red Sox Fans

The sign by the pullout
explained the geologic history
of Lake Macdonald

Ten thousand years ago
the lake had was a glacier
which left behind a lake

The man with the hat
(and cargo shorts)
reading over my shoulder
was surprised
when I explained
I do not like the Red Sox
and think none-to-highly
of those “people” who do

The man with the hat
(and cargo shorts)
had nothing to say.

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