Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cops and Condos

The police showed up in “street” clothes
looking like bros at a downtown club
with tribal arm-bands, greased-up hair,
and obnoxious Hurley t-shirts

Their bullet-proof vests fit awkward
under the tight black shirts
badges worn round their necks
just like the movies

The chachi pair stood
looking disinterested
while protesters
explained gentrification
and how they were
being pushed out
of their own neighborhood

I watched
holding a sign
that smelt
like a sharpie

In my head
fair or not
I ascribed to the couple
the type of douchery
I witnessed in the
athletic and tall
assholes on my
high school football team
who used to call me

I wondered
if the cops could
afford the condos
we were protesting.

1 comment:

graham said...

I am unclear with this one whether you are an observer or part of the protest-- something that will mean a lot to the tenor of your piece.