Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walk Down Burrard

[This poem needs work, but I felt it was time sensitive, so I wanted to get it out. Give my your thoughts, editing and otherwise]

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own
Matthew 6:34

I walk down Burrard Street
to kill time before Church
listen to Social Distortion
start to feel nostalgic

I keep my eyes on the ground
see my reflection in a puddle
on the fancy sidewalk
outside a half-empty high-rise,
and wonder where I’ll be in a year

Outside an Anglican Cathedral
there’s a poster for a Gregorian chant
describing the service as an opportunity
to be transported to another age entirely

I roll my eyes
keep walking
past boutiques
selling things
I can’t afford and don’t want

I try and figure out summer plans
where I’ll live
wonder who’ll be around
if they’ll have time
thoughts and worries bounce off each other
as my socks dampen

I walk right past my church
because I had a lot of time
I keep walking down the street
my eyes chained to the sidewalk
trying to decipher
whether I’m looking at my reflection
or just a shiny shadow

In a shallow puddle
on the gray concrete
I notice several pink pedals
I look up to see a cherry blossom tree in half bloom,
must be the first tree in the city.

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