Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dreams To Remember

a love poem for Ryan Johnson

You were not there
I suppose that’s
why I was so unhappy
to wake up

Clint Eastwood and I
were in a backpack outlet store
looking at pink shirts
I was mentioning
how happy I was
to fit into smalls again

Eastwood’s eyes went squint
he tossed me a glock
I checked the clip
followed his lead

We were chasing someone
it may have been you
it was not clear

I got off three shots
but my aim was not true
the target disappeared
up a hill
into the hemlocks

At that moment
a brown Volkswagen
flew around the corner
and there was a car chase

Clint drove
I returned fire

Our pursuer
was George Costanza
and he was
his giant head
peaking out the sun roof

And I woke up
and you were there

I wanted to go back.

1 comment:

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so creative. u can make it a song.
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