Thursday, March 3, 2011

Isaac and April

[Right now, I think this is my favorite love poem I've ever written.]

It hasn’t ventured above freezing for over a week. The streets are skating rinks. My car did pirouettes on my way to Bellingham. I’m staying in my married friends’ one bedroom apartment, a poorly-disguised garage. The only thing keeping the place above freezing is a small space heater. So we bundle-up, and huddle close around the kitchen-table and a pot of coffee.

April launches a power laugh, leans forward. Tells me how Isaac cries at just about every movie they watch. Giggles interrupt as she tells how he teared up when they were watching The Lion King.

He grins goofily at the retelling of this story. “What?! It’s really sad.”

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graham said...

nice edits, to your credit.