Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunshiny Day

It's sunny today
I wish it weren't
but it is
real damn sunny

the sun is being an asshole
going straight through my blinds
laughing through my pillow

I feel hungover
but i'm not
I went to sleep at 10 last night
and 8 the night before

haven't had a drink in a week
all i've done is sleep in
hope for someone to call me back
play video games
swear under my breath

the fucking sun just won't leave me alone
it's a 11 am and can't sleep anymore
wondering whether or not I should get up
and the sun is still out

blindingly gorgeous
photographers are out taking pictures
for college brochures
of all the attractive young people
playing hacky sack and frisbee

I hope they all get skin cancer
and die in the dead of winter in Alaska.

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