Friday, May 2, 2008


Hector looked sharp
in navy blue
sailor suit,

his command
for pricing
was not great:

only had three
Plinko chips
out of a possible six,

climbed those stairs
let it drop
from the middle

that chip danced
to the right
to the left

hopped like
a pogo stick
in slow motion

it hovered
then took
the plunge

10,000 dollars.
Drew could hardly
contain himself

he beamed
behind thick
black glasses,

Hector pumped
his fists in the air
jumped up and down.

Second chip,
rocketed to 1000
Hector pumped again.

Third chip

didn't seem
to have the
drive to make it

wanted to
give up
half way,

but the coach's
half-time speech
must have lit a fire

it bobbed
it weeved:
it too danced.

With swagger
the chip fell
10,000 dollars

21,000 dollars
5 minutes
Drew glowed

it was a Wednesday
the district didn't call
I had all day.

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