Monday, May 12, 2008

Algebra, Satan and Nausea

Kid, get to work!

Out from under a black hood
a wispy mustache stares up at me.
The upper lip looks like a clear-cut after a fires
with burnt out black trees sticking up sparsely.
I want to puke all over his face.

I worship Satan. . . See!
He points to a pentagram bracelet:
I want to puke

all over him,
stain his black clothes
with acidic orange and
chunks of partially digested chicken.
I want to say

--Look KID,
just because you wear
Black Clothes
and don't identify with
the majority of your
classmates--does not mean
you're special or that
you don't have to do
your damn MATH!
Even Satan uses math--DAILY.
Since you claim to worship him
you should emulate him.
You think running HELL
doesn't involve algebra--
Where do you think it came from?

Here is an equation for you:
(You + Your Ugly Mustache) x eternal damnation =
FINE BY ME; if and only if
You finish Your Damn Work!

I worship the devil--he repeats
want to worship him with me?
I want to puke all over him.

1 comment:

standingonkttns said...

Jake, your bitter angry poems make me smile. Because they are so sweet.