Saturday, June 14, 2008

Moving Day Blues

It's time to move
from a college town
where I'm 23
and feel old
everyone does it

I'm eating my last
Hot and Ready
the boxes used to pile
next to the fireplace
sometimes ten high

It was a cliche college house
beer and pizza
over and over

Now I have to be grown up
these posters just aren't
Thermals "Fuckin' A'
Weezer, Sonic Youth, Nirvana
the posters and posters and posters
the parties concerts and people

friends crashing on the couch
friends in the fridge
friends in the cabinet
the friends have left
in boxes and boxes and boxes


I'm in boxes
wading the clutter
packing things that won't be unpacked
the pictures will find themselves in shoeboxes
or, at best, a photo album
that will be dusted off
when my kids head off to college
proof that at one time
I was cool

the posters will disappear
or be rolled up in crates
placed in the back of a closet

and the beer bottles and pizza boxes
will be thrown out
I think I going to throw up.

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