Saturday, June 14, 2008

Praise Him

So this is my attempt at writing a worship poem, like a Psalm. Most of my poetry I try to keep emotion out because it makes poems generally feel like the were written by a high schooler. This one I decided to suspend my efforts. Hopefully it won't make you puke.

Praise him
by all means at your disposal
every word spoken
every letter written
every note hummed

Praise him
with you gait, smile, laugh and tear
make your heart the garden
walk with him
notice his beauty
take time to lean over
watch the ants
consider the flowers

Praise him
with silly rhymes
Praise him
with clever new slang
in dark downtown bars
eat the popcorn
savor the beer
and find your voice

This is important

Rehearse your priorities
at the top place
"praise him"
because in him
the blues tremble
and the love he loves
is greater than the love you love

Praise him
with others
gossip incessantly about him
find your voice with others
and praise him

This is important.

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