Friday, December 31, 2010

Quesadillas and the Simpsons

[I wanted to get one last poem in 2010]


I want to make you a quesadilla

with sour cream, salsa, and chicken too.

I want to light a candle

sit you down in front of the TV

and watch Simpsons reruns.


you know you want it too.

The tortilla will be browned and crispy

That cheese will be melted perfectly

and the Simpsons reruns

will be from an early season.

Sweet thing,

you need to come on over

I got the tortillas out

the cheese is grated

the chickens about to be grilled

and the Simpsons come on in a half hour

So you coming over?

1 comment:

Steve. said...

Nice way to finish the year Jake Tucker. And a fine party it was.