Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I wish He had a myspace

They're in the business of inventing saviors
-Dave Bazan, Invention

He wears Levis and Airwalks
like Idaho, He exists in three decades at once
faded t-shirts
forgotten national championships
local bands from cities no one’s heard of

Sarah wishes He was hip
wishes He cared about things like that
tight t-shirts from expensive thrift shops
a new sweater for every day of the week
she wishes He made witty quips
talked more about music

Conversations of broken eye-contact
searching coffee shops
for someone else to talk to

He shows up unexpectedly
in airport baggage claims in lonely towns
when she'd give her right pinky
just to see someone who knew her name

He’s there when she wants Him to be
but more often when she doesn’t

He walks confident
like a man with no name
in a dusty western
He goes for walks without destination
never seems lost

He’s plain
not tall or short
blends into crowds
nothing about him
that would draw your eye

John sits next to Him at church
keeps pictures of Him on his mantle
invites Him to dinner parties

Try’s to get him to talk politics
how the left is destroying America
the importance of prayer in schools
who he supports in the next election
John wishes He wore more effective deodorant
and was less "femmy"

John never in invites Him to play golf
too embarrassed to drink around Him
tries not to talk about music with him
as a rule
John never asks for His advice

I wish He had a myspace
with funny pictures
interests in easy to use list form
and a top eight,
so I could see who he really loved

I could leave comments
stay in contact at a distance

I wish He was "one-of-the-boys"
stuck more to polite conversation
weather, sports and beer
responded to peer pressure

He does what he wants
speaks his mind
more often than not
with a smile

He gives big hugs
leaves your hand numb
after high fives
He laughs big

I run into Him everywhere
record stores, parks and bars
whenever I'm in a rush
I wish he'd show up more
when I had time

I wish he had a myspace.

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the melissinator said...

Classic Jake. I like it.