Friday, April 25, 2008

Crush Debates (real real old one)

Maybe I'm just as complicated to you as you are to me
like they always said about bears and people
I still think that's bull shit though
I'm way more scared of them then they are of me

Your inability to see what's going on
may not be your fault
my imagination has written poor romances
with unhappy endings before

And that is probably what has happened
part of me sees that nothing has happened
that same part is sad
because nothing ever happens
I would rather be destroyed by you
than for all the drama to be placebo

But there is part of me that knows it dodged the bullet
the debate in my mind over these things
is not an organized lincoln douglas styler debate
it isn't a debate on the floor of the US senate either

No it's more like some congress from the former Soviet block
with hundreds of members brooding and brawling
with shoes flying every which way

trying to find valid points and truth
among all the special interests and fairy tales
is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack

The honest voices in my head know quite well that nothing has happened
but those voices are the sad old representatives in the back
whose voice is far to weak to be heard
the only thing these debates ever accomplish is awkwardness
there seems to be an abundance of that now.

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