Saturday, April 26, 2008

Corn Dogs

I said
You're my corn dog at the state fair

she gave me a look
she had a thousand different looks
that all said the same thing

I said
I like corn dogs
more than ferris wheels
more than elephant ears
more than pig races
and more than blue ribbon bunny rabbits

she gave me another one of her thousand looks
You haven't been to a state fair since you were 15

I still love corn dogs,
some things never change

I know,
sometimes that's the problem

she gave me yet another one of her looks
I threw my ice cream cone at her
hit here right in the eye

she flipped me off
You're an asshole

I know you are but what am I

I was happy I was drunk
and I knew
deep down inside
she was too

we were young and in love
tra la la


Ryan A. Johnson said...

tra la la

I like this one

graham said...

yeah. the "tra la la" at the end is ace. has a more specifically 'kowski feel, which is ironic since it's all sweet and shit.