Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like Mildew

This Loneliness won't leave me alone
-Otis Redding

Living in a basement
is cool and dark,
good for long summer sleeps.

But an abundance of free time
spent alone
leaves me restless.

in dark cool spaces
breeds loneliness
like mildew.

I wonder how much
they think of me,
and imagine the worst:

eyes rolling
when they see
in the caller ID,

with everyone I know
and toasts
to my absence.

Living in a basement
thinking too much
about myself,
waiting for my phone
to save me
from these lonely thoughts.

I need to get out
and go for a walk.


Jen said...

Jake, I feel EXACTLY the same way. Reminded now by CS Lewis' comment: "We read so we know we are not alone." Thanks for this.

Christine Hammill said...

me too.