Friday, January 14, 2011

The City of Refuge

You better run to the city of refuge

Rev. CJ Johnson

Tim had a dust mop

I had a broom

the couch was in the center of the room

the mouse was trapped

We held our weapons

like hockey sticks

our enemy shook in his hiding place

We counted down

1. . . 2. . .3

then shoved the couch across the room

the vermin ran to find new cover

my broom came down

smote the beast across the room

it slide till it hit a base board

then ran back under the couch

We repeated our plan

1. . .2. . .3. . .

this time

the mouse had a plan too

he darted out

straight over my shoe

ran to the corner

I lunged with my broom

to cut off the retreat

his end was near

but then

he took to the air

he leaped over my broom

in a Free Willy-esk moment

landing on our heating grate

only to disappear

back into the safety of our floors.

[here is the song ]

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