Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a Gizzly Bear!

And God said,

let us make man in our image,

after our likeness:

and let them have dominion

over the fish of the sea

the big bulky monsters

filled a small creek

flowing through fields of cow patties

hundreds of them

with bodies in various states of decomposition

changing colors in clear water

looking like Christmas-zombie-fish

the mossy greens

and rusted reds

ran up and down

like lazy tiger stripes

they traveled in packs

ignoring skillfully tied flies

perfectly placed

by frustrated anglers

we were defeated

Adam and I put our fishing rods down

and took a long rest

while Matt smoked his cigar

we passed the time

throwing pebbles

at the giants

it rained earlier in the week

with nothing but sun afterward

there were lots of stagnate pools

the river had stranded

Matt noticed a monster

stuck in one of the pools

and I took off running

splashing and screaming

I’m a grizzly bear

that rascal fish

went straight through my legs

then hid under a dead branch

only to dart out again

splashing me in the face

I chased him round and round the pool

till I caught his tail with my right hand

and dragged him out

from behind a curtain of thorns

we were both exhausted

in need of a nap

had I not intervened

the poor old dog

would’ve died a virgin

without finishing

what he’d come to do

like when I went to Memphis

and nearly left without getting barbecue

it would have been tragic

as I lugged the behemoth to the main channel

cradling him in my arms so as not to drop him

he looked up at me with one of his glazed over monster-eyes

as if to say “thank-you”

or “let me go now!”

watching him swim off

I knew he’d meet some lucky hen

and the two would become one

and shortly thereafter


1 comment:

graham said...

what the hell is a "gizzly bear," Jake?