Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Four short morning poems

woke up before my alarm

after a long hot shower

I ate an easy breakfast

with a large cup of coffee

unrushed with time to read

a few psalms and the news

the sun painted the bus stop pink

women with hair still wet sniffled

you could smell a frost coming soon

breakfast is waiting

at a dinner downtown

biscuits and gravy

coffee and eggs


where the earlier night

will be reviewed

with droggy roommates

with vague recollections

of a night that ended in the morning

and recovered from in the afternoon

under a big blue blanket

I wait for the morning to leave

the alarm has been turned off

the lethargy has been justified

in between sleep and consciousness

I rest in half-dreams

that have a nagging tone

1 comment:

Steve said...

Loving the new stuff Jake. It's got a great feel to it...