Friday, December 18, 2009

Dark Days

[This is a real old one. But I thought I'd post it since we are approaching the darkest days of the year, and it's been a tough week and a half for a lot of my friends and myself.]

There were whispers of them in the wind
Old men would tell stories about them around a fire
Children would lie awake at night under covers worried that they were hidden in closets
I thought they were just stories, like Santa Clause and the Easter bunny
But that was before a rejection letter, break in, and broken heater put those doubts to rest
The Dark day's were indeed upon me
The day's that grow longer the less you do
Day’s when you find yourself flipping back and fourth between the Cooking network and Animal Planet
When getting dressed makes the day a success
When yawns are the most comforting things you can say to yourself
but even those your bones don’t quite trust
When thought of any kind of tomorrow turns your stomach into a black hole
and the first thing sucked in is your courage
Days when your eyes are chained to the bricks under your feet
When sleep is the only thing you look forward to in the day
When Elliott Smith is the cheeriest music your heart can stand
When the best case scenario seems as likely as you getting up at 5 just to watch the sunrise
These are the days when you take a large pizza home at 6,
Eat it alone in your pitch black room,
Being too lazy to even turn on the lights
Roll over and sleep for 14 hours with your shoes on
These are the dark days

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