Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Ryan, II

I don’t understand rubiks cubes?
Do you?
Why is it important
to have the yellow all the same side.

Ryan, I don’t know how to make gumbo.
I’m afraid to try.
I’m sorry,
but I was never taught
and I don’t trust internet recipes.

I wonder what you think
of blazers with jeans,
short sleeved shirts with ties,
the language of Prairie Dogs;
Ryan I have more questions
than thoughts.

But I think,
if we were to put our heads together
we could get to the bottom
of this global-warming problem.

Ryan I’m worried about the penguins,
they have more troubles than any animal ought.
There are seals, Orcas, broken eggs,
short legs, not enough fish
and not enough ice.

Am I being clear?
I Feel a bit jumbled.

What I mean is:
I’m having a Big Lebowski party tonight
I have Kahlua, Vodka and cream
I need you to bring the ice.