Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Irish-ness of Dentry’s Irish Pub in Vancouver BC, is subtle. It’s not the beer, atmosphere or menu. The Irish-ness is mostly in the color scheme, Jameson banners and the occasional rugby match on the 42 inch flat-screen TV in the back corner. Oh and the five -foot-nothing leprechaun-of-a-man at the bar.

It’s not a great place to study, but after a day spent inside in pajamas watching Justice League—I had to get out of the house. With the added incentive of a pint (20 ounces here) of beer, I shuffled the block and half down to Dentry’s. Reading about the critical scholarship on the authorship of Isaiah, I sip a fancy lager and ease drop.

From the corner (by the flat-screen) I hear cards shuffling and people talking. “Did you know a metal band covered Final Countdown, and did made it twice as fast? It’s awesome.” I wonder what brought up the subject.

We Didn’t Start the Fire is playing on the radio. Piano Man is a better song. I wish someone here would make love to their tonic and gin.

On the other end of the bar the attractive waitress talks to a regular with thick black framed glasses and great big bushy eyebrows.

On the flat-screen, the Toronto Raptors are playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. I guess their showing it because Toronto is in Canada. Toronto is winning, though not by much. I think Lebron James will probably pull it out at the last second.

I’m not getting much reading done. I’m taking more notes on Dentry’s then I am on Isaiah.

I hope it comes up on the test.

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