Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Bargain

She asked him to wax the hair on his toes
his explanation of how they looked like hobbit’s feet
did nothing to persuade her

She said he look like a monkey-man with the hair on his toes
she was not going to marry a monkey man
it was creepy

He searched for something to bargain with
something he could ask her to change
but couldn’t find anything
she was perfect, at least looks wise, and he knew it
and besides the hairy toes thing
she wasn’t an entirely unreasonable person

She could ask him to wax every hair of his body
and in his mind, he would still be getting the better end of the deal

His more idealist friends told him these types of negotiations
were strange and had no place in a healthy engagement
but they were all lonely video-game-nerds
even they had to admit the bargain was a steal