Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Apology

[this is a bit more absurd than most of what I've been writing lately.]

There is no word in otter
for love, but this doesn’t mean
they don’t know the concept.
It may only be through grooming
and various fish analogies,
but Otters do express love.

It’s not that there is now room
in Otter for a new word,
it is by no means a stagnate language.
Of all woodland languages
Otter is generally recognized as
the most dynamic.
Otters have purposefully
not made a word for love.
Otters are passionate and wise—
they recognize that the concept
of love must be approached
with care and skill.
That is why they only express love
in art (through the various fish analogies)
and action (grooming).
There is much we could learn from otters.

Sadly, when I began licking your head on Friday
I fear I may not have communicated
the message I had intended,
and for that I apologize.