Friday, August 14, 2009

Walker Texas Ranger

[in case you're wondering why I wrote this, it was because I wanted to, and i do what i want.]

stepping out unnoticed
from behind concrete pillar
Walker surprises gang bangers

the street thugs
shot a ten year old
that Walker loved

the young black man
who the dialog has revealed
has a good heart
but simply lost his moral sense of direction
from a bad crowd
and abusive home
hangs his head sheepishly

the gang leader challenges Walker
who promptly kicks their ass
without even bringing out a roundhouse
walking away the gang leader yells
you can't do this

I just did
Walker's black cowboy hat
exits the frame


the girl who got shot is on a respirator
with her grandmother by her side
as she flat lines
her grandmother prays to God


the room is filled with soft light
emanating from the little girl
grandmother and nurses look around
the girls eyes begin to move
as the light fades

she pulls out the respirator
explains that an angel had spoke to her
and that everything would be all right

later Walker explains to the doctor,
who was bewildered as he took off his glasses
because science could not explain what happened,
science could not explain the power of faith

local news anchor
reports the story
ends broadcast
"the is Leslie Johnson
reporting from the hood"

this story ended
as the angel had predicted:
the gang bangers threw down their bandanas
joined the community members and Walker
who were enjoying the girls singing
and having a picnic.

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