Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Way You Rolled Your Eyes mfw (Blue Line)

[from a ryan johnson prompt]

I could see something in your eyes. You rolled them, but you rolled them softly, as if to say "come on over." I don't feel comfortable moving while the bus is moving, so I stayed put. When the bus finally stopped you left so fast I didn't have a chance to introduce myself. Anyways, you were on the blue line heading downtown. Sultry in a black-fleece vest, hand buried in your purse, clutching something. What were you holding? You were holding on so tight, I wonder if you have lost something, or someone in the past? Are you looking for someone to hold on to you? Would you let me hold on to you? If it helps, I can promise that I would never, ever let you go. No matter how hard you pushed me away; I'm very persistent. I realize that this is forward, but the way you rolled your eyes. . .

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