Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Applied Theology Applies to the Fantasy Realm--Paper Topics

1. How should our faith inform our social values?
  • Should Christians buy coffee harvested with zombie labor?
  • Can Christians act as mediators, or peacemakers in the centuries old conflict between werewolves and vampires?
2. How should our faith affect our politics?
  • Is it right to support a political party whose social values line up with our own, but ignores or even denies the historical persecution of Centaurs living in American territories?
  • In regards to safe needle programs sponsored by the government, should they be expanded to blood-for-teeth vampiric programs as modeled in Eastern Europe? This of course leads to the deeper, more challenging question: how are we, as Christians, supposed to interact with the undead?--a question which has caused deep divisions in the church since at least the time of Augustine.
3. Coming from an evangelical tradition, what stance should we take on the ecumenical movement?
  • How can we seek to foster reconciliation between the Western church and the Orthodox Sea People of the southern Mediterranean?
  • How have we inherited the divisive legacy of the Welsh Monster Reformed Church and the Swansea Inquisition of the late nineteenth century? Are we in fact continuing that legacy?
4. How do we do mission?
  • Does it defile the Gospel to translate the bible into the accursed language of Mordor? Doesn't the translation of the Word in fact redeem the language?
  • In the context of Celtic Faery people, where the class system is entrenched deeply in society; in churches, should missionaries allow Elves (traditionally at the top of the class system) receive the eucharist before Goblins and Ledrechauns? Or should missionaries seek to abolish such traditions despite their importance in society and ancient origins?


Stephen said...

Mate, love the missions points. Absolute comedy gold... keep 'em coming.

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Love it!

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graham said...

Swansea is still feeling the effects of the inquisition. It's rough, man.