Friday, January 9, 2009

On Flossing

[Just a little something I've been tinkering with]

It's a frustration
with being average
soon forgotten
and seeing it
owning it
repeating it

It's a frustration
with being overshadowed
like Donatello was by the other Turtles
like Ringo was by the other Beatles
like Luigi was by Mario

It's a fear
of being less than average
the weak link
aimed for in games of Red Rover
picked last

It's a fear
of being the inept brother
the Fredo Corleone
and seeing the family realize it

It's living next to the cavities
in the back of my mouth
it's hiding
just out of the reach
floss and toothbrushes

I'm not sure it's going away
I don't know much about it
I've looked for informational brochures
but haven't found any answers

Friends tell me I need to start floss more
I can't say that their wrong.


Ryan A. Johnson said...

I really like this

the one whom Jesus loved said...

l love your sweet words Jake.

graham said...

I second what that guy who's prompt I need to respond to said.

but I don't think you should floss more; someone has to have as bad of teeth as I do.