Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When I Find my Voice

[It's been a long time since I've written a poem. Normally I'd take more editing time than I have with this poem, but I'm anxious. Also this is a style I try and avoid, so I didn't want to take much more time with it. Hope you enjoy, tell me what you think]

When I find my voice
it's usually off key and shaky,
but I throw it out there loud with my toe tapping.
People in the pews scoot away from me
or smile awkwardly, I smile back.

When I find my voice
I hope it won't be to late
to ask questions
to apologize
to show the rocks
who's louder.

When I find my voice
I doubt it will be the 4th of July, Christmas or Easter.
I doubt it will be when I win the lottery
or when the Seahawks win the Superbowl.
I'm afraid, I will probably be next to a hospital bed
hands clasped together pleading and sobbing,
or maybe, by some divine mercy,
I'll find somewhere I've looked a thousand time
under the couch cushions, next to the coffee maker
or some place in Psalms.

When I find my voice
I don't think I'll say anything new
I'll probably say things we've all heard before
with a few exclamation points added on.

When I find my voice
it will be a call and response,
an echo of a bigger voice.

1 comment:

Damian Hinman said...

Jake, I'm enjoying your poetry. Started reading a few of your latest poems today on the suggestion from an email on Google+. I thought, "I remember Jake from the 2010 year-end Regent party open mic." Now, 15 minutes later, still reading back through the years of your blog, I want to thank you for how much nostalgia your voice brings back to me. - Damian Hinman