Saturday, November 15, 2008

Praying for Peace

This post has very little to do with poetry. I think I figured out the secret to all my problems in life. At first I thought "I'm just lazy, who isn't?" But as my credit card debt and waist size continued to rise I started thinking there was more to it. It wasn't until I waited until the day before a confirmation letter deadline before trying to send it, and I was forced to drive up to Vancouver through the teeth of rush hour that I began to see that there was a darker conspiracy at work. I have a deep seated hatred for Future Jake. Everything I do, I do to make his life more miserable. I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with race or sexuality, so at least I'm not a bigot. I think it is just random hatred. Somehow I won my hate-lotto and Future Jake has been incurring my wrath for going on 25 years. I'm going to try and have a sit down chat between the two of sides using two methods:

1. As Future Jake I will try and open up dialog with my past self by going back and leaving encouraging livejournal comments on my blog.

2. As Present, or Past Jake, I will write a series of apology letters to Future Jake. These letters I will keep in my glove compartment for 2 to 5 years. Hopefully this will help alleviate any bitterness towards Past/Present Jake that may have built up.

Utilizing these to method I hope to reduce tensions between these two factions who have historically been enemies. I realize it is a large task, not unlike the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East with both sides playing a large role in the others destiny; but I believe with perseverance and a little bit of exercise these deep wounds can begin to be healed. Until then we can all pray for peace between Past/Present Jake and Future Jake.

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