Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Gods We Wished For

A rottweiler followed me home from school. It was big, dumb, muscled, scary and persistent. It licked my hands then followed 5 paces back.

Followed me all the way to my gate; I went in the back to keep him from sticking his head through the door. I was opening the back door when I saw it jump the fence, the cedar planks bent back until under it's weight. It trotted up to the porch and stuck it's head in the door.

It was all I could do to shove him back out onto the porch, which was where it stayed, looking inside, tongue wagging, head cocked. It stayed until it's owner came to my door looking for it. He was big, dumb and muscled like the dog. l grabbed the dogs collar and lead it back the the man's black pick-up.

I never saw that dog again.

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