Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is this Normal?

My new GoreTex jacket
hangs in the coat closet,
a handsome grey with
green trim: a silver fox

waiting for rain.

The forecast is near 20
and dry. I check
the active wildfires in BC,
scroll-down the page,


what a hectare is,
how big is a half-million,
why metric still feels foreign,
who was still worried,

is this normal?

200 dollars
for a bike rack—
from Germany, comes with
a 30 year warranty.

Still. . .

A sunny day in October:
the man with a snake and quick gait
walks past the coffee shop
that just ran out of cold-brew.

In Las Vegas: 50+ shot dead

with two dozen guns modified to be
automatic—politicians offer prayer
for victims, congress considers
a law legalizing silencers.

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