Sunday, April 12, 2015

God and Google

I asked God and Google for guidance.
The secret to grief. 2-year-old articles
in men’s magazines lined with ads for
dating sites and ED meds. And Job’s answer:

were you there?

Pieces of a puzzle half-lost—scattered
amongst junked vacuums, couch crevices,
and partially-digested dried-out piles of dog shit.
Mangled survivors paint vague impressions of the whole:

Barry Sanders retired healthy at 30.
Bonheoffer hung days before Allies arrived.
Jesus wept. Otis Redding, Karl Barth,
and Ken Griffey Jr.

Lodge-pole pines and the 1988 Yellowstone fire.
And your 60 years of intermittent tumult—
estrangement and depression—ended
peaceful sleep in a rocking chair.

Parts enough—not a full picture,
no real answer or address,
but a question and a neighborhood,
a feeling and mood, direction and guide.