Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Steady Work

The dollar store is selling your grandmother's wedding ring
and your neighbor with the dog and drinking problem
has been haggling. I waited to tell you. When he got the owner
down to 75 cents, I became worried. It's a nice ring. 

Sometimes, depending on the light, I see your uncle
in the rusted out hood of the Chevy Blazer parked out front--
I think it's fitting. There's a accidental aesthetic to it,
like the algae slurry on the lake where he lived. It's comforting.

My coffee is getting cold. Your roommate was nice
enough to make me a cup when I came over. Sucks
he's leaving soon. But I hear good things about North Carolina.
I hope you don't mind me writing this on your post-it notes. 

You need more milk. Also, I had the last of your frosted flakes.
Do you remember when your Dad would take us to the diner
after snowboarding? Breakfast all day is a beautiful thing.
My condolences by the way. Oh and congratulations 

steady work is hard to find these days. 

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