Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something Worth Seeing

Princess Louisa Inlet

The inlet was a secret room, like God
had made it to hide people from the Nazi’s:
cliffs studded with trees on with either side
careened recklessly into eerily still waters.

At the end of the hallway
a grey mountain climbed up
with a toothy smile and poked at the clouds.
The peak was a water balloon spraying out
dozens of waterfalls that fell hundreds of feet.

The mountain’s elbow cradled
an angry white ribbon that cascaded
into the glassy sea like a burst water-main.

No mermaids bathed in the mist,
there were no centaurs wandering
through the ancient forests;
but the old hemlocks looked down
smug in their green sweaters, as if 

we had just missed something worth seeing.

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-∆ said...

Awesome stuff. Glad you guys made it all the way up there.